The D'Lane
The D'Lane
Artistic | Artisanal | Sustainable
D'Lane is a lane of consciously designed artistic products for art and green fashion lovers. D'Lane creates their products with sartorial craftsmanship using hemp & hemp blends dyed with eco-friendly dyes. Their every offering embodies a plethora of thought, narratives, traditional craftsmanship, and passion, which makes their products beautiful and unique from in and out. D'Lane prides itself not being among the fast runners, but stepping slowly but consciously ... and not quietly!
Humbly designed conscious fashion, crafted with a spirit to contribute to the well being of People & the Planet.
D'Lane's every offering has a lot of thoughts, narratives, traditional craftsmanship, & passion, which makes our products beautiful and unique from in and out.
Every style is designed following simplicity and sustainability with Urban sensibility.
Selected products by The D'Lane