Kubsa Handcrafted
Founded by textile designer, Geeta Patil, Kubsa works with handloom artisans of northern Karnataka envisioning change and development through design at the grassroots level. North Karnataka is a well of heritage textiles, most of which have been unexplored. With Kubsa, the intent is not only to revive these weaves, but also to reinstate traditional handloom techniques and artisanal skills, lost to the pervading power looms.

Kubsa is reviving the once vibrant Khana weaving and Ilkal saree weaving by supporting the entire ecosystem of this handloom cluster. People are at the core of its ethos. Fair wages, equal pay and good working conditions are intrinsic to its practice. Every product we make supports a range of artisans and ensures continued work through the year.

its mission is to revive the disintegrating authenticity of the craft through design thus creating sustainable livelihood opportunities across value chains. Each Kubsa product is a homage to the traditional crafts of northern Karnataka and its custodians: the artisans.

Kubsa brings you three collections of handwoven natural dyed Khana stoles and blouses as a part of its continued effort in reviving the traditional handloom practices of northern Karnataka.
Kubsa presents ‘Nurita’ - a collection of handcrafted sarees and stoles reviving the traditional Guledgudda khana from Northern Karnataka. These exquisite textiles are handcrafted by the skilled weavers of Guledgudda using age old techniques with silk and cotton on a traditional the pit loom.

‘Nurita’ collection is inspired by the traditional motifs, patterns and techniques used in khana weaving, made timeless with classic colour palette and design. Softest silk and cotton come together to create beautiful textures.
The collection features a range of Khana stoles with hues that are hand-dyed entirely from natural dye materials like Pomegranate peel, Manjishtha (Madder) and Eucalyptus. The traditional Khana motifs like Ane hejje and Chota hardi form the basis of the design.
Kubsa launches the first ever cotton x cotton Khana textiles innovated by founder, Geeta Patil. Nul is a collection of natural dyed stoles in traditional Khana patterns.
Founder's Story
The textile heritage of northern Karnataka is a well of inspiration that Geeta drew from and with Kubsa she rediscovered some fading techniques, motifs and symbolism - each hundreds of years old and known to the region’s artisan weavers, and it all came together as an exchange of personal experiences.

Hailing from this region, Geeta found it imperative to infuse new life into these once popular textiles like Khana and Ilkal, cherished and worn by the women across parts of northern Karnataka and southern Maharashtra. Kubsa’s products are designed to bring back traditional weaving techniques with a contemporary aesthetic. Geeta sees Kubsa’s textiles not only as a means for cultural expression but also as a channel to empower artisans to express their creativity in alignment with the brand’s mission of creating sustainable livelihoods.