Lékopé by Ayang
Lékopé by Ayang
The Story
Lékopé by Ayang is a livelihood intervention program set up by Ayang trust, focussing on weavers in Assam’s remote Majuli island. The Trust works with about 200 weavers to bring you handcrafted textiles. The name Lékopé means 'together' and is derived from the language of the native 'Mising' tribe.
About the Craft
Majuli is a remote island in Assam, surrounded by the Brahmaputra river on one side and Subansiri river on the other. The island almost annually finds itself combating natural disasters, especially floods. The occupation of the people has mostly been agriculture and weaving, however, they would mainly grow food to consume themselves and also weave garments for their own use like the traditional ‘Gamchas’ and ‘Mekhla Sadors’. Almost every house in Majuli has a loom. Traditional looms in Majuli are manual, throw shuttle looms. The weaving center started by the Ayang Trust has big-frame fly shuttle looms. The effort on the arm is less and the process is a little faster. These looms also allow weavers to weave products of a wider breadth, like sarees. Also, the motifs are manually inserted using extra weft technique which is almost like embroidery on loom. The Mising tribe has some typical motifs like sunrise and farming. Some of the traditional motifs and patterns symbolise the culture and there are stories behind the motifs. Ayang Trust uses the traditional 'Mising' designs to make cushion covers, table covers, and sarees.
When You Buy from Lékopé...
You buy unique and beautiful products made using traditional craft styles, that are completely traceable to the artisans and hard to find elsewhere.

You encourage local crafts that are an integral part of our heritage, giving future generations an incentive to preserve and continue these crafts forms.

All of this leads to higher income for the weavers and the development of business and entrepreneurship skills in the rural communities of Majuli in Assam.